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Thread: My experience with Paul Evans - Am I being unreasonable?

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    If the product is damaged or "second" quality without you being informed then a full refund should be given regardless of it being a final sale.

    The original email response was very unprofessional and would prevent me from doing business with them. Usually things like that are caused by a culture issue at the company. It would never happen at places like AE or LL Bean.

    The offer of the refund without returning the bag feels passive aggressive but I could be wrong. They should clarify. It may be that the bag isn't even worth the return shipping to them.

    Either way I'd get my money back and shop elsewhere. .

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    "Final sale" doesn't mean you must accept damaged goods. This retailer's initial response was reprehensible, but I think they more than made up for it by letting him keep the bag without charging him. The OP made it clear that he was willing to return the bag. So, he should not feel guilty about the outcome in the slightest, whether or not he decides to keep the bag for himself. It's a small consolation for his time and putting him through all of this.

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