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Thread: Leather jackets

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    @motosacto yeah, the Perfecto is the jacket that I have in mind. As someone who grew up listening to punk music, the jacket just suits my style and aesthetic. But then I worry that I'm a) I'm not in my 20ies anymore and b) I wear a suit and tie to my job M-T. So am I really all that punk these days? Perhaps my Perfecto days have passed me by? Every time I see the jacket at a used store I keep trying it on secretly hoping it will fit and I'll have no choice but to buy it. So far no luck. And while I have surfed them on eBay, as I mentioned above sizing is my major concern. So for now, no Perfecto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocDave View Post
    Then of course my concern would be that I'm wearing a motorcycle jacket and not riding a motorbike.

    As a motorcyclist, it worries be to see the line between actual riding gear and fashion accessories blur so much that it gets confusing like this. If i look on ebay for a motorcycling jacket, i find hundreds of fashion jackets that are not riding jackets at all. This is always something i've been bothered by about the moto-jacket trend, because frankly all the moto style fashion jackets aren't even real padded motorcycle jackets. They're just ones that look like they are. Most of the jackets harleydads wear around to go from bar to bar on a saturday night aren't even real riding jackets. Any authentic contemporary motorcycle jacket will have very very heavy padding in the shoulders; usually armor in the shoulders, arms and back. They're made of very thick leather and very warm. They will often have incredibly heavy zippers. Usually they also have little zippers on the torso and arms for airflow control designed for 60 mph or so of wind gusts. If you want to avoid getting a real riding jacket by accident, you don't need to do too much homework to identify what is what. If you have the opportunity to look at the features of a jacket closely, you would find that they're very different.

    Many resale outlets don't even know, but with a little research you will know a real motorcycle jacket when you see it.

    The more serious and correct vintage or vintage inspired (schott copies?) riding jackets probably don't even have the padding or thick leather you'd want to avoid, since they would be based on a time when there wasn't shoulder padding however.

    Best of luck.

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