Hi, everyone:

I'd like to introduce you to our brand new online shop. We offer made to measure shirts, but with a twist, because you don't need to measure your body. You only need to measure that shirts that we all have and that fit us just fine. With 6 simple measurements from that shirt you can order another one made in one of our nice fabrics, that include Thomas Mason and Canclini.
With this system, anyone can have a made to measure shirt without expending 4 hours at the tailor, or having someone to help you to get your measurements (if you can find someone that knows how to do it right). With Bandidos, you only need your best fitting shirt, and you can do it in 10 minutes.
We also offer the new performance fabric that is 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, no iron and odour repellent. Whith it you can create very comfortable shirts, perfect for long days at the office or for travelling. With this special fabric you can have a classic shirt, but also a pilot shirt or a show jump shirts.


Hope you like our idea. All feedback is welcome.