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Thread: Need sport / running glasses with progressive lenses

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    Need sport / running glasses with progressive lenses

    Well the time has come. I can no longer see my Garmin while out for a run. So I need to start wearing glasses of some sort. I would like to get a pair of progressives, with clear glass on the upper section and the prescription part on the lower section. Anyone have any recommendations where to purchase a pair of affordable glasses that meet these requirements?

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    Online is your best bet, which in Canada means, or Costco.

    Almost every brick and mortar chain is owned by or supplied by Luxotica (Essilor), and charges ridiculous monopolistic prices. An industry insider -- who literally spent time in jail for dispensing glasses in Ontario without charging for a full medical eye exam -- says lenses cost C$10-$60, while the designer name-brand frames are all licensed by Luxotica and produced to the same standards as their store brands. (That's not to say $30 frames are as good as $150 frames, but there's almost no difference between $150 frames and $500 frames with a designer name.)

    My last pair from cost C$259 plus taxes, despite using very high index lenses with a blue-light filter. Progressives would push that to C$300, plus frames, and more for sunglasses or polarized lenses.

    Clearly is based in B.C., one of the provinces which doesn't give opthalmologists and optometrists the exclusive right to fill lens prescriptions. That means when you get a lens prescription you'll get the full set of information, including the pupillary distance (PD) necessary to centre the lenses in front of your eyes. You can also measure it yourself if you're in a restricted province.

    Clearly has great online shopping tools, such as using a photo or your phone's selfie camera to show you how glasses would look. Even better is free returns if you're unsatisfied with frames or lenses.

    The frame selection varies, so if you see a pair you like best order it quickly. I've delayed and the frames I was interested in sold out, never to return.

    I've not bought from Costco, but checked prices when I was a member and they were competitive albeit usually higher than Clearly. And if you're not normally a member, keep in mind you can always get the membership fee refunded.

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    I’d do Costco. As a life-long glasses wearer, I don’t understand how people think they can buy glasses online. Picking the right size/shape, getting them correctly fitted, and making sure the pupillary distance in the lenses are correct are all things that require the hands-on touch.

    Plus I almost always end up picking frames for myself that I loved after trying them on in-person but would not have sought out otherwise.

    In terms of brick and mortar stores, Costco has by far the best prices IME.

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    I purchased glasses from Costco, eye exam, bi-focals, frames, etc. but my success has been better going to another set up. Independent optometrist experience was better than Costco or Lens Crafters in the US. YMMV.

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