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@Loafer28 I was hoping to hear from you. My work environment is extremely casual as we have no real dress code and thus band shirts, shorts, and flip flops are very common. I have had and goodwilled a pair of Jack Erwin Abe and Charlie as they never wore very comfortable after a month break in period. I'm probably going to snag the Sea Islands since more than one have commented how insanely comfortable they are with no mention of the dreaded squeaks.
Funny that I have become an authority on Loafers . Despite my moniker(it actually comes from a small town in The North Carolina hills that my grandparents retired in; Loafers Glory, NC), I own more Oxfords and Derbies......but I do love my Loafers!

The Sea Islands are a great choice for your environment. I would also look at the Oak Street Bootmakers penny.....different look entirely, and comfortable in a different way. Another dark horse is the AE DeSoto (discontinued), but comfortable and they look great in a lower profile way. I could go in more depth for each one, but the kids are still up. Let me know if the others are interesting, and I will get pics and details together for you after bedtime.