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Thread: Vineyard Vines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evenflow View Post
    Interesting article that could explain where VV found the reggae guy.
    Thanks for the info.

    From the article:
    For its most recent catalog, the company went to Anguilla and shot photos of real people who lived there, such as one couple who relocated from New York City and a musician from Anguilla.
    <sarcasm>If that's the catalog I saw I guess it's understandable that the only non-white person was the musician -- it's not like there are many people of color in Anguilla.</sarcasm>
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    @Mercer nah, keep using it. I have some things from similar stores. I try not to let brands rule my choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JT10000 View Post
    See, for some of us, for much of our lives, just shopping forces political and social commentary on us. We'd rarely see people that looked like us in ads for mainstream, high-quality clothing. We were disproportionately treated as shoplifters in stores. Or treated like the help. So what to some people looks like just a catalog, to others says "You don't belong" or "Maybe we don't want you to buy our stuff."

    I wish I could get a breather from that. And to an extent, it's getting better. Much better. Some companies are great. Not Vineyard Vines though.
    The fact that people, like myself, who have implicit privilege based on the color of their skin, can't recognize that in 2017 remains baffling to me. Thank you for your input on this thread and your breathtaking patience in attempting to explain something that should be obvious to the willfully ignorant.

    Also, Vineyard Vines is meh.
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