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Thread: Summer shirts

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    Nothing wrong with short sleeved shirts but the fit must be perfect (especially w/r/t sleeve length/width), the shirt must be very casual (no Dwight Schrute-esque short sleeved dress shirts), and as with things like short shorts, it helps if you're in good shape.

    With shorts I wear lightweight t-shirts or polos, or rarely a short sleeved button up shirt. With chinos or other trousers I wear a short sleeved shirt or long sleeves in a lightweight material like poplin.
    Agree with all of the above. I've thought about trying to add a casual short-sleeved button-up to my wardrobe...but I've never found one that fit properly.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I have a few polos. I think I'll try adding a S/S Madras button down, pick up a few better t shirts. My choices are a bit limited due to needing tall sizes.

    Sadly for my wallet I've come to accept that my long sleeve shirts need to be M2M. Maybe next time Spier and Mackay has a sale I'll have to throw in an order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric S View Post
    Along the same lines, does anyone have a favorite inexpensive cotton/linen blend shirt? My limited searches so far have found S&M, which has a spread collar which i don't really want, or Old Navy, where I'm not sure about the S/M/L sizing, although I guess tailoring is an option if I catch them on sale.
    I've yet to find a linen or linen blend that I actually like as much as cotton. The fabrics are always slightly stiff and slightly scratchy. I've all but given up. I have one JCF linen shirt and doubt I'll buy any more. For whatever reason, I've also found that linen shirts seem to be cut longer in most brands. i.e. Old Navy linen shirts were a solid 1.5" longer in the arms and body than the cotton oxford shirts I bought at the same time. (Most brands don't seem to be that extreme, but most I tried were cut longer.)

    I have found that J Crew's "slub cotton" and JCF's "homespun", which seems to be the exact same thing, are great for year-round wear. They're quite breathable, like linen, due to the weave, but they have a softer feel because they're cotton. I love these and my only complaints are that 1) on average they're a bit too slim for me in the body, and 2) J Crew's sizing is inconsistent, which means about 1 in 3 fit. I wear them in the summer with the sleeves rolled and in the cooler months with a sweater.

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