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Thread: Banana Republic Suit Jacket

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    Banana Republic Suit Jacket

    Just got this suit jacket from BR It was $178 after the 40% off. Website doesn't specify but it's Manteco Italian made fabric, lining is 61% polyester, 39% viscose rayon. Thoughts on if this liner will breath much? I know polyester is supposed to be the worst but wonder if the blend will be ok. Have no idea if it's fused or half canvased, guessing fused since they didn't mention it, but they also didn't mention it was Italian fabric so who knows.

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    Pretty sure it's fully fused. I have a older BR tailored fit wool herringbone tweed sport coat I got on eBay for dirt cheap. It's an awesome jacket, and was wondering what it was inside, too. Some of their jackets have what they call a "floating chest piece," like their monogram collection
    Essentially, it's just a fused jacket with a detached/floating horsehair canvas chest piece. I opened mine up from the lining to take a look, cuz I could feel distinct layers.. front is fully fused but has a horsehair canvas piece that just hangs there between the front/fusing and the lining. I'm considering cutting it out to make the sport coat a little less rigid/structured, cuz the canvas does add some rigidity/structure to it.
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    Don't worry too much about the lining, unless you're wearing the jacket in very warm conditions... at least somewhat above room temperature. There's a good amount of viscose in there.

    Are you happy with the drape? These stretch cotton fabrics are not my first choice in a suit jacket. Structure and stretch are a tricky combination. For $178 you might find something nicer. They currently have an unlined sport coat which is very nice, and cheaper than that when on sale.

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    I'm considering cutting it out to make the sport coat a little less rigid/structured, cuz the canvas does add some rigidity/structure to it.
    Would be very interested in seeing your before and after pics! I have some BR jackets which have a little more structure than I'd like but are otherwise excellent.

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    it's defiantly fused. But I always have thought BR suits are a good deal since they go on sale a lot and aren't excluded from additional 30%-40% off. As per breath ability the link is for a cotton suit, but I assume it's fully lined which I hate. I like partially lined suits like the JCrew Traveler the best.

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