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Thread: Another Wedding Question Thread! (this one is about seersucker)

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    Pink and teal is not my favorite combo but it's not the worst. Teal can be worked with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by armedferret View Post
    Sounds like someone needs to stop bush-beating and just get a SS Havana.

    hahaha.....they actually don't have the Havana in the color I want in my size right now, so i am hoping as they start releasing their Spring line something will become available.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryn View Post
    I don't think teal and pink are good wedding colors. Sure it depends on what pink you have, you definitely need something muted. Teal is also going to be difficult to find.

    A month or two isn't that much time. You might have to get adjustments. Does anyone know when stores come out with their Summer line?
    Its a pretty muted teal and I actually already have a couple teal ties I could use...but yeah not the easiest colors to work with. It's actually four months till the wedding, I am just trying to get my outfit sorted out in the next month or two so I am not scrambling last minute.

    Quote Originally Posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
    Pink and teal is not my favorite combo but it's not the worst. Teal can be worked with.

    Yeah not a color combo i'd normally choose for my day to day wardrobe, but I think I will be able to figure something out that I will enjoy wearing. I already have a few teal ties that I will sometimes wear with either a mid grey or darker brown jacket, but they could probably look good with really light grey or tan too though....also I have a more greenish teal tie I like with a navy suit. Anyway, thats kinda why I am leaning toward just getting a beach appropriate suit that I really like, then bringing the color in with accessories and maybe the shirt.

    Thanks again everyone for all the help, i really appreciate it!

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