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Thread: Briefcases In Canada

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    Briefcases In Canada

    Hey Guys,

    I am a Canadian looking to acquire a good briefcase. I prefer leather, in black or dark brown. These are the ones I've found which seem to meet my requirements.
    It will travel with me to and from law school, but will also need to transition into working at a law firm this summer. My budget is between $150 to $250. Saddleback will be too expensive, and also will hit me with duties and such. I realise that Copper River will have the same issues as Saddleback with duties, but the prices are enough lower for them to be in the running. Any help from my fellow Canucks would be appreciated.



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    I would personally steer clear of the Kattee stuff. They sell bags identical to several other sellers on Amazon with nothing but the label changed. I picked up one of those bags and sent it back. The "crazy horse leather" on mine was clearly some sort of bonded leather product. It wasn't terrible but was also not good. Maybe the other bags are better but I have my doubts. For $250, I'd save my money for something else.

    If you need a laptop back, you should probably be looking for something with padding in one compartment, too. Dealing with a sleeve every time you take out your laptop or put it back it's really annoying.

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