So just looking through things quickly, I had a few things to note:
1. First off, congrats on starting the site!
2. While a lot of people here are fans of the wider ties, I'd say, for me at least, 2.75" is a perfect width. I'm taller, and have narrower shoulders so I prefer narrower ties that don't get into the absurdly slim territory.
3. As some suggested, it would be a good idea to throw some more staples into the necktie category.
4. As far as bowties go, I noticed that there aren't any measurements for width there, so I'd throw that up there. Also, it would be cool to see some cotton bow ties or diamond tips.

I'm not sure what type of crowd you're trying to target right now, but it would probably be easier to stock ties if you had a specific age group or career-type in mind.