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Thread: Newbie in Need of a color rec for Wolverine 1K boots to compliment current selection

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    Correct me if I'm wrong (and someone will I'm sure) but doesn't Sierra Trading Post regularly sells seconds? I've thought of purchasing Iron Rangers from there but have never gotten around to it. Or am I confusing STP with another store? Which is entirely possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K.E.P. View Post
    I am reserecting this thread after several months of research.

    Based on this thread, I have decided to go with a pair of black boots. I have been looking at wolverine 1k, but cannot ever find a saw on a pair of 9's. I would prefer new, but never have seemed to catch a good deal like many of the posts on this forum.

    1. Are there any places I could look for sales on wolverines (that are not already mentioned on
    2. Should I consider other "lesser" alternatives like Chippewa Service boot company or Thursday Captain in black?
    I picked a pair of the Cordovan colored Chippewa Service boots from the main site Black Friday deal and am very happy with them for the price. Dark enough to wear with any color trousers (except for black of course) and a lot of visual interest as the color is at times close to black, at others a deep brown, sometimes a rich burgundy.

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