Longtime Dappered reader, firstime Threads poster here. I recently came across a shoe brand I hadn't heard of before and was hoping some of you might know a little bit more. The company is called Banister and from what I have been able to gather online seems to have been a US Company from the early 1900's that was purchased by Stetson around the 30's and eventually ceased to exist sometime in the 70's (maybe?)


The ones I came across are a nice looking and in very good shape pair of Derby wingtips. I don't know what size or the name of the style that they are because there either aren't any interior markings, or they've been worn away with time. I did try them on and they fit my 10 D foot pretty well so maybe around that size?

If anyone knows anything about the company or even better yet about this style in particular I'd love to learn more.