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Thread: Studying Abroad in Paris for a Year

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    Studying Abroad in Paris for a Year


    I was accepted to study abroad at an architecture school in Paris next summer. I've visited once before during the summer, but I have no idea what people are wearing during the different seasons in Paris. I consider myself reasonably well dressed, but are there any clothing items I definitely should bring, or definitely should not bring? (not trying to look like a misinformed american, kind of in the same way French exchange students come here wearing hollister and abercrombie because they thought it was what people wear here).

    A few limitations; I'm 21, still in an undergrad program. Money is not super tight but I generally only spend about $100 a month on clothing. I can only bring about 50lbs of clothing on the flight, any more than that would be pretty unreasonable to travel with.
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    I don't live in Paris, or even France, but I live Europe, which is close.

    Don't sweat it. First of all, if French students came to the US wearing Hollister, who would care? I don't think the French would care much either. It is much more important to learn the language. The main thing is to dress formal/stylish enough, and not to worry if your clothes are on trend with Paris. In an architecture school, I suspect that the other students will be above average artistic, and that will show in how they dress. Part of which means individual expression, so again do sweat it.

    It is better to dress like an American, than for it to look like you were trying to dress like the French and failed. Americans can dress more casual,(wearing sports clothes when not doing sports) Plenty of Europeans do this also, so again don't worry. If you are well dressed in the USA, then just dress like you normally do. The only danger then, is you might show up to an event where you are the only guy with out a tie. To avoid that ask the host.

    Also a $100 is plenty to spend every month on clothing (or am I the only one that thinks so?).

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