Hey all. Like most of us, I like the look of classic canvas sneakers, but being older, I can't stand the lack of arch support. And I dislike the new Chuck Taylor II's since they altered the look of the classic. So I thought I'd share this for those of you who are in the same boat as me.

Adding Arch Support to Chuck Taylor's

I decided to ignore the "size down 1/2," instructions and got a pair in size 9. I used a hair dryer on Hot and Low on the insole to soften the glue that holds it in, a putty knife and my fingers to tease the insole away from the footbed. It worked great, with the insole coming away mostly intact. I then used the hair dryer and knife to get rid of any residual glue/foam. Then I placed a Dr. Scholl's Sport insole into them, re-laced and tried them on. They fit and feel great! The arch support is fantastic compared to stock Chucks and I'm pretty sure the cushioning is better too. And the classic look of Chuck's remains intact.