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I'll throw my hat in for Chucks here, as well. Should be able to find a pair online some where for like $30-40.
It's Marshalls, so obviously stock will vary store-to-store, but was just in one in CNJ this morning, and they had Chucks for $30 (no white--blue, grey and random weird colors). Larger sizes (> 11) were on the discount rack for $24. I typically see them closer to $40 online.

Also, they might have picked up some of Sports Authority's going out of business stock, because they had a ton of Nike and Under Armour trainers and running shoes for $20-$40. All lower end/one-off stuff, but good enough for the weight room at $20. Also had a ton of soccer and baseball cleats for $14-$20 if you have kids. It was by far the largest athletic shoe selection I've ever seen in this particular store.