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Thread: Single Income Father of 2 needs Tough, Good Looking Shoes

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    Single Income Father of 2 needs Tough, Good Looking Shoes

    Wise Men of Threads -

    The Problem:
    • One Income
    • Two Boys
    • Three Block, rough road walk to work
    • Barely any shoes to my name

    I purchased these shoes in Black but the leather soles have worn out in only 2 years and I really can't justify that again. My max budget for a single pair of shoes if I do all the sweet talking I can is $150-$200 and not one penny more. Really the lower I can stay the better. I have done my fair share of googling but it seems the shoes of 2015 are disappearing and fast.

    I work at a bank so slacks, tie, dress shirt, and good shoes are a must but since I don't have many shoes to my name, I really need to have some pull double duty of weekday work and weekend run around if possible.

    I have seen all the posts with regards to eBay, Nordstrom Rack, and various other discount shops however with my common size (10D) it often comes down to what's available which often is bare bones at best.

    Does anyone have any advice? Staples that can get a strapped man started without heading straight for $230 Allen Edmonds Seconds?

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    Can you get them re-soled?

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    I'd get them resoled with a dainite sole or at least with a rubber half-sole (such as a Topy). I also would try to avoid wearing them on your walk to work, and would instead wear sneakers or some durable but disposable shoe and then change when you get to work.

    If you do that, then you could when you have the money greatly enhance your options by getting a second shoe in brown that can do the double duty of occasional weekday work with weekend run around. The reason I say that is that there are plenty of brown shoes available from the Shoebank (Allen Edmonds seconds) in the $150-$200 range or less. The following are all currently available in 10D for $200 or less:

    - bourbon Ascher for $157:
    - brown suede Boone for $137:
    - brown grain Aberdeen for $199:
    - dark chili Warwick for $199:
    - walnut Warwick for $199:
    - bourbon Carlyle for $177:
    - brown Clark Street for $137:
    - walnut Clifton for $199:
    - bourbon Fifth Avenue for $177:
    - walnut Franciscan for $177:
    - tan saddle Jodox for $137:
    - dark chili Lasalle for $177:
    - bourbon Lexington for $177:
    - dark chili Lexington for $177:
    - walnut Lexington for $177:
    - dark chili Madison Park for $199:
    - walnut Madison Park for $199:
    - bourbon McAllister for $177:
    - bourbon Mora for $177:
    - bourbon Park Avenue for $177:
    - brown Patriot for $137:
    - walnut Rogue for $157:
    - bourbon Steen for $137:
    - chili Steen for $137:
    - dark brown Steen for $137:
    - brogue suede Strand for $177:
    - brown The City for $177:
    - walnut University for $177:
    - chili University for $177:
    - brown Vernon for $177:
    - bourbon Winter Park for $197:

    I bolded the ones that I think are more commonly recommended, and underlined the one I'd most recommend myself. [I did not bold the bourbon Park Avenue, because I think it's too formal a shoe to pull double duty, and because I think the relatively casual color and the very formal shoe are a somewhat odd combination].

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    Unfortunately, I am not aware of any decent looking dress shoe that is designed for daily wear that will last longer than a couple of years. I am a detective so I wore shoes daily which were purchased for about $100. They were worn in a variety of environments and would only last a year. In an office of over 30 detectives, yearly swap out of daily wear shoes was common. The only people who kept shoes for an extended period of time were those who had a rotation. My JCP deacons and gunners have lasted two seasons of being worn once or twice a week with other shoes being in the rotation. Even my cheap and ugly Bostonians plus the Timberland have seen added life due to infrequent use. Obviously, we do not know your monthly expenditures but even saving $10 a week for a couple of months would let you save enough for a few decent pair of shoes to help extend the rotation. If that is not possible, eBay or thrifting could be cheaper options for better shoes but they require patience. I second the idea of not wearing your main shoes for the three block walk. I now wear cheap shoes in to work until I know we do not have search warrants or something else major planned that could damage my nicer shoes (mostly Allen Edmonds, with some Ferragano mixed in). For my clothing purchases, I have a few dollars deducted from my check every pay period. I do not miss the money and over time it adds up to fund my purchases. Good luck.

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    Whenever I read something like this the Rockport World Tour Classic shoe comes to mind. Rockport has made this model for about 30 years +/-. The name (World Tour > World Tour Classic) and styling details have change ever so slightly little over the years.

    The shoes have a wide following, I'd describe it as a borderline cult following, in the food service, nursing and medical fields. The common factor is the people wearing them are on their feet all day and walk a lot, all day. They come in basic black, the color of choice for food service. Rockports come in widths, as does this shoe, someone once told me that's a reason they are widely used.

    You mentioned a bank, these shoes are borderline dressy unlike the Allen Edmonds list above. You can find on sale for $89, normal price $99.

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    One solution is wearing different shoes for the walk to work and then having your dress shoes at the office. I personally don't love this approach but sometimes sacrifices are needed.

    I had the same issue when I worked in DC but didn't want have the availability to stash shoes at the office. I purchased some Johnston Murphy ones with thicker rubber soles:

    I know shoes here are a touchy subject with everyone basically advocating Allen Edmonds or nothing else but for me ... these shoes looked the part and hit the functional side.

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