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this might seem like a pessimistic view.

since you can get competent watches with relatively good sapphire crystals, and super-reliable japanese automatic and quartz movements for maybe between $120 and $80. I don't think any watch is going to be a "good buy".

So just find something that you like! If you're tossing $3000 out the window, make sure it's something you dig!

Ultimately, as much as watch forum guys like to talk about the accuracy or the jeweles in the movement, it's not really a time piece. Your iphone knows what time it is better than any wrist watch, afterall.

The watch is just jewlery, which is subjective as fuck. You attach your own value to the watch you like, your emotional connection to it makes it your favorite.

So find one you like! one you just love. Buy that one! Or else you might as well buy invicta ones from amazon.
Completely agree! The emotional attachment to a watch is worth more than any other aspect of it. Henry London (http://bit.ly/HenryHome) have a stunning range of watches. I bought one for my brothers 30th and had it engraved on the back of the case.