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Thread: Looking for new oxford supplier...experiences with Proper Cloth?

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    Looking for new oxford supplier...experiences with Proper Cloth?

    Discerning Gentlemen,

    I am looking for a new go-to supplier for my OCBDs, now that I have had it with Brooks, and the other makers of a traditional oxford (Mercer, Spencer, etc.) are just too damn expensive ($130+). Kamakura is in a better price range, but don't fit well.

    There have been quite a few mentions within this community of Proper Cloth, but I am interested in the quality of their oxford cloth, and the "Soft Ivy" collars, plackets, and cuffs. Does anyone have any experience with those options specifically?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    they're pretty good.

    shomas was saying the "Ratio" brand ones he was getting came out really nice too.

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    Assuming you're looking at the heavy oxford cloth, as the name suggests it's on the thicker side - just a bit more so than Kamakura, about on par with the old BB (based on my highly-subjective feel test). The Soft Ivy collar is great, nice roll with and without a tie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evanparker View Post
    they're pretty good.

    @shomas was saying the "Ratio" brand ones he was getting came out really nice too.
    I should probably start a new thread about this, but I'm up to 14 shirts from Ratio Clothing.

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    I have about a dozen shirts from Proper Cloth and am very happy thus far. I have a few "soft ivy" collar, and I think it compares well with a Brooks Brothers collar in terms of roll. The only real regret I have is that I have 3 dress shirts with the Milano collar, and while nice, it sits quite high on my neck, and the proportions are off for a lot of my suits. The Presidential collar is nearly perfect. Also, their customer service is very responsive, you always get a human being when you call, and they're always helpful. It only took one shirt to get the fit pretty well dialed in (I'm not as particular as some, and my weight swings a bit through the year due to exercise patterns, so I don't have a year-round perfect fit).

    Edit: the heavy Oxford is a nice cloth too, it wears heavy but soft, in my experience. I have it with the soft placket and I really like it.

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