i think they look good and fit in a very nice niche stylistically and formally. but...it just isn't worth it to me. they are NOT harder to care for than leather shoes...but they are different and those differences just drive me crazy. they collect dust throughout the day more and the dust particles stay there due to the nap. so i have to brush them off after every wear. the suede i feel like does wear out (note, it doesn't wear out that fast) instead of developing a patina/character like solid leather shoes, they just kind of fade and start to look a little uneven. cheaper suede just isn't that nice after trying REALLY nice suede shoes (carmina). Even the suede on my allen edmonds doesn't cut it any more. the expensive suede carminas still have the same problems (aside from better suede quality meaning slightly better appearance and fading slower) and it's impossible to get the nap uniform or restore the richness of the original suede color like i can just polish leather shoes. After my current pairs of leather shoes wear out, I will likely not be replacing them...

For the record, these are my suede shoes:
carmina navy oxford
j crew kenton bucks boulder
suitsupply double monks brown
allen edmonds strands brown
banana republic double monks gray