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Thread: Shoulder Straps

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    Shoulder Straps

    Forgive me is this has been asked before (and if it has, please point me in the right direction), but I was curious if anyone has any thoughts about shoulder straps for their briefcases?

    I have a waxed canvas briefcase that I use daily (it was a gift and I love it), but it came with a thicker cotton strap with an uncomfortable foam pad on it. I've switched it out to a thinner leather strap that I had lying around from a previous bag, but it's not ideal either. I've tried carrying by the handles, but for my commute the strap just makes things so much easier/more comfortable.

    Does anyone really like the strap that they use on theirs (assuming it's not sewn in)? I've been looking at the Filson ones (and similar yet cheaper alternatives), but before I buy a new strap I figured I'd ask.

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    I've been using this one from Winn for a year now on my leather briefcase and been very happy with it. Leather quality, hardware and stitching are good. May not have as much padding/structure in the pad as some would like, but I find it comfortable.

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