I am visiting Paris, Portugal, and Spain this summer and am looking for recommendations on two things:

1. What to wear?
2. Recommendations to buy shoes while in Spain?

First, I realize these are two wildly different questions, but maybe someone travels to Europe and could shed some light. I am a fairly conservative man age 45 that will be traveling with my wife and two teenage children and while I know I will appear like a tourist, I refuse to look like the "Typical American" tourist. I Think Europeans dress slightly more conservative and France is the fashion capital, so I don't want to embarrass myself. Anyone have any suggestions for a July trip?

Next, I would like to buy a pair of nice leather shoes in Europe, most likely Spain or maybe Portugal. I think it would be nice to have a little reminder of my trip and hopefully get a really nice pair of shoes as well. If anyone has recommendations please let me know. I will be traveling to France, all over Spain, and southern Portugal so all recommendations will be appreciated.

I have never traveled outside north and south America and Hawaii (my wife doesn't like to travel), and have never been to Europe so this is all new and I am open to any suggestions.