Title says it all.

Is anyone else into collecting or just listening to vinyl? I'm more into listening than collecting, though for me the hobby is as much about the ritual and the routine of digging through stacks, picking a record, taking it home, taking it out of its sleeve, setting the needle, etc. as it is about the sound quality of vinyl over digital.

Right now, my setup is somewhere at the mid or budget end of low end, which may be a generous appraisal. I run a U Turn Orbit turntable with an acrylic platter and Grado Black1 cartridge to a built-in phono preamp to M Audio AV 42 monitors. I fantasize about upgrading every stage of that setup, but my discretionary budget, and my wife, just doesn't allow it. My listening room is small, though, and I'm pretty sure I'm squeezing every bit of performance possible from a $550 setup.

So, anyone else here down this same rabbit hole? What're your setups like? What's your dream equipment? I personally daydream about the McIntosh MT10…