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That seems rather over the top and you will get burnt out

You could probably do some compound exercises at maximal intensity and get results with far less time spent swinging a weight Eg. Clean & Jerk, Front Squats, Weighted Pullups, Bent over dips, Deadlifts, Pendlay Rows

I did IF and got a 6 pack(you can go search for my half nekkid body if you want to question it) took about 3 months and it was all heavy weight with pyramid structure trying to keep reps 6-10 range(eg. 100lbsx9, 90lbsx7, 80lbsx6) 45mins tops in gym.

with IF, when he says low carb on non workout days, really stick to that. Along with Meal delivery timing, even on workout days, eat carb meals AFTER the gym, not before.

I know what you're saying, it's a ton of swings. But, it's only for a month, so I don't see myself burning out. I've done Smolov before, and that gassed me like no other. This should be cake compared to that. But I do plan on doing something like Berkhan's RPT once I finish this program, if I decide to cut more. Or Smolov Jr again for Squats/Bench, if I want to hate my life more.