To celebrate the changing of the season we wanted to offer this amazing sale to our customers. This will be your last day to save on some amazing, handmade, one of a kind pieces. Save 50% on all Pretty/Handsome clothing items on the website!

Please use THANKYOU at the checkout to enjoy this sale.

Also, if you spend $150 or more we will include a complimentary Pocket Circle.

Due to the nature of this sale and how fast products go we may encounter an incident where we have sold you a product, but the product is no longer in stock. If this occurs we will contact you immediately and discuss your options.
Also, please allow 3-4 days for your order to be received and shipped out. When we have a sale like this we get backed up pretty fast and the 5 of us do our best to mail out each order in a timely manner.

All The Best,

Charming Villain(s)