Hope all you fellas are doing well!

I was just curious about how some of you guys feel about men's rings (excluding the wedding band) and more specifically, signet rings. I don't see them often and it seems a bit of a shame, considering the incredibly rich history they carry. I think they are unique and under utilized in the respect that anyone can wear them. You don't have to have a particular body shape or size in order for it to enhance your look such as certain items of clothing require. Do you all think they come off as "snobby" or some other similar adjective? I'd love to hear everyone's opinion!

Additionally, I am in the market for a signet ring now, and if any of you own one or have any know how on the topic, please share! If anyone reading is interested in their own, Ebay has a nice selection that is worth taking a look at!

Here's a few links to the kind of ring I find most attractive. Feel free to share yours as well!

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