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I am an architect as well (in Kansas City), and basically business casual is the norm at the office. Slacks, chinos or nice jeans and button downs. No need for a tie or sport jacket, unless meeting a client. Not quite as much of a black and white scheme as the movies/magazines would lead you to believe.
I agree with this, adding that there is a regional component. When I lived in Washington, DC - it didn't matter what your job was, that is a dressier town. Similar experience in NYC. A sport coat was included in business casual - other areas not so much.

Living in the South (Atlanta to be specific, but travel frequently around the Southeast), Polo shirts or golf attire tends to be much more acceptable.

Personally, I hate the 'tie without a coat' look, or 'polo shirt with a blazer' -- make up your mind, are you casual or dressy?