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Thread: Gap Peacoat

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    Gap Peacoat

    Has anyone done an in-person with the new fall peacoat from The Gap ( I am looking to add another wardrobe staple item to my closet like this one and with my 37" sleeve length, their tall size should work (and also excludes me from buying a peacoat from an Army/Navy surplus store). None available at my local Gap stores to try out and I am on a bit of a time crunch as I would like to pay for this with my Gap Cash which expires on the 21st.
    My main concerns are:
    1. Is the online picture accurate for the navy color?
    2. How is the fabric? The 60% wool, 25% polyester, 10% rayon, and 5% other has me a little worried.
    3. How is the fit? I usually need a slim fit shirt, although in this case a *little* loose would work for wearing layers underneath.

    Thanks for the help and advice.
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