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Thread: Wool dress pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by UndisputedSuitorOfRepute View Post
    Pretty solid, but the only 33 that I can see is the dark grey, and I have those in lands end. Love the BR, but a slim fit 32 would be tightttt. I see you have 16 listed as waist for the BB, does that mean 32 tagged?
    The BB is a 33 tagged. I think you need to go by the measurements and not what's listed on the tag to get a better idea of how it'll fit you. Measure the waist of some of your pants. With tailoring I think that all of these could fit you pretty well.

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    I just jumped the gun on a pair of Bowery Slim pants in wool (Navy). At $50 after the sale + shipping, didn't think too much about it. All the other colors though start at $128 (I think).

    I've owned Bowery Slim pants before but this will be my first one in wool.

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