In the interest of full disclosure, I'm here in part to boost a poll I started. With that said...

For the uninitiated, Massdrop is a site on which members vote for products they would like to see on the site. After 200 total votes in a poll, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer directly and arranges a bulk purchase of the winner of the poll, and sometimes one or two the runners-up if there is enough interest in the poll. Once Massdrop makes an initial deal with the manufacturer, users then "commit" to the sale. The more people commit, the lower the price drops.

I was a little skeptical at first, so I lurked for a while until items that really piqued my interest started to turn up. They feature some pretty ridiculous stuff ($500 fountain pens, goofy pocket knives, super high end audio equipment, etc), but by picking the categories on the site you're interested in you can generally separate the wheat from the chaff. They frequently have grooming and style items, and I've seen a wave of selvedge jeans, automatic watches, and high-end grooming products recently. The most recent example of just how effective Massdrop can be was their recent feature of the original Orient Bambino. They only offered the white dial version, unfortunately, but the price went down to $99 by the end of the drop.

I've been drooling over the gen II Bambino with the stainless case, white dial, and rose gold numerals and hands (ER2400BW) for ages now, and the poll I started for that particular model seems to be gaining momentum. If anybody is interested in that model or some of the other versions of the gen II (that's the version with Roman numerals), kindly check out my poll.

If the original Bambino is more your speed, they will bring it back if enough people request it (with 300+ requests, it looks like that'll definitely happen at this point). You can do so here.!166603