Hey everyone. Just a lonely artist here with some homemade sunglasses too show you. A little history. I've always loved huge glasses. Especially those giant Solar Shields that some of your grandma's love. Whenever I saw someone wearing them, I'd think "Damn, that grandma looks like a bad-ass future warrior." Finally tracked down a pair only too lose one of the temples some weeks later. So I put my own multi-media skills too the test. (Take that sculpture BFA!) I've perfected my design and I'm finally ready too release these unto the world.

So the temples are made out of steel wire and wood grain printed spandex is then sewn onto it. So they are in fact extremely light. I work outdoors and have been wearing these for 12 hours a day for about two years now. And honestly people won't stfu about them.

Also here is a link too my etsy store where they will be for sale, alongside a broad assortment of other weird things.