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Thread: Brief Comparison Review of JCF, JCrew, Bar III and Spier and Mackay Suits

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImagePree View Post
    It looks like I'm between 36 and 38 in your slim suits. Would you recommend going to 36 contemporary?
    I'm a 36S in both Ludlow and Thompson.
    The 36 Contemporary will work better for you than the 36 Slim. The Slim is pretty aggressively slim.

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    Polyester sleeve lining

    Quote Originally Posted by pharmacy View Post
    Quality: This is a 100% cotton, Bemberg lined with polyester sleeves. I am not sure that I like that they used polyester anywhere in the lining considering this is a summer suit. However, it is just the sleeves, I can deal with it and I'm sure there is a reason that I do not know about.
    I was once at Suit Supply and I saw a high-end suit there which had Bemberg/Cupro/rayon (I forget which specifically) lining in the body and polyester-blend in the sleeves.

    I asked the salesman why, and he said that the polyester snags less. The sleeves are the part of the body where you move the most, so they're maximizing mobility at the expense of breathability.

    It also occurred to me that most of your body heat is in your torso, not your limbs. So assuming what the salesman said is the true reason, it might be a reasonable tradeoff. Your arms move a lot but they don't heat up a lot, compared to your torso.
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