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Thread: JCP camel hair blazer sizing and options

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manceptional View Post
    Couldn't call the padding "barely there" but certainly not "inches thick" either. I love the jacket overall but the shoulders do have more padding than I typically go for.
    agreed. Ideally I would have a litte less padding up there but it didnt keep me from buying a couple. They run a bit big to me and not just because of the classic fit. I feel like a 36r would have been perfect but they dont make them. a 38s was a nice length but the sleeves were too short so I went for the R. I prefer to shorten than lengthen typically. If you have a JCP locally, go in and check stock. I got mine for $18 on clearance with an additional coupon.

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    Thank you both for the prompt replies and the tip to check in store. I'll have to swing by next weekend and check local stock or order online with whatever coupons are available.

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