I'm curious to hear about the experiences/methods of coping/techniques of those losing their hair. I'm in my mid-30's and I've slowly been losing hair in my crown area since my early 20's. The unfortunate part of it is that I have really nice, straight, thick hair all over my head except in the crown, which is at about 15% coverage at this point. Eventually I will look like a monk if I do nothing. As my barber said, "Such a shame....a beautiful head of hair and then they got you right back here" (not sure who 'they' are). Anyway, I think I could deal with it better if I was thinning evenly all over, but the fact that there is such contrast between the crown and the rest of my hair will eventually look very silly. So now I'm caught up in this situation where I'm considering shaving it, but I'm held back because (a) I have a round face and no muscle tone and I don't think I'd look great with a shaved head and (b) my thinning area isn't completely noticeable yet because the hair I do have in the back is very coarse and it looks like I have a full head of hair upfront. That being said, I'd rather err on the side of shaving it too soon (before I have a giant bald spot) then too late.

So, I guess I'm wondering what others in similar situations have done. If you've buzzed/shaved, how did you take the final leap? Were you happy with the results? Did you do anything differently to the rest of your appearance (i.e. wear glasses, grow facial hair)? My questions aren't all that specific; I'd just like to hear about anyone else's experience and/or advice.