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Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading about your openness to change and willingness to re-think earlier positions. You really have a great attitude and sets a good example of how to think about clothing and style. Thank you for that.
Thanks! Here's to hoping my hard-won (relative) open mindedness can save someone else the trouble of eating crow by wearing something they had fairly recently (and fairly vehemently) sworn off.

Also, re. purple ties, I took a suit into Mid City Tailoring yesterday for some alterations. The shop's proprietor is Paul Winston, the man behind Chipp Neckwear, from which I got my purple grenadine. Every time I go in there, he tries to sell me on his ties (I'm not in enough that he would necessarily recognize me as having bought them before). This time, I let him know that I was quite familiar with his ties and had only recently been talking up the purple one that I bought a few months ago. In response, he told me that when he first started selling grenadines, he did them in a bunch of colors but only expected the navy and burgundy to sell in any significant numbers. To his immense surprise, purple turned out to be just about as popular as the navy and burgundy and has consistently been one of his best sellers since. There's no real point to this story, I suppose, other than to point out that purple is indeed a well-regarded color and a lot of men are happy to incorporate it, and to note that not paying it much attention is apparently a vice that's not just confined to us hoi polloi, but something that even people who make their livings in menswear can fall into.