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It's an opportune time for me to thank the moderators for the volunteer work they do in this community. I think they do a fine job, and, even if I didn't, I don't have the stones to criticize the commitment of people willing to do a service I am not.

I am not too invested in these arguments while the streets run rife with riot and the polar bears struggle to survive. Bunch of guys talking about men's fashion, in a civil fashion, largely.

I've learned one thing late in this life I wish I'd learned earlier, and that is don't cater to chronic critics or the pathologically negative. While constructive criticism is welcome with open ear and mind, laptop experts should be thrown to the Sarlaac.
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A good point. Forgot for a moment there that this thread was only about the moderators, who aren't the ones telling newbs to go use the search function instead of starting new threads. And regarding the moderators, I agree entirely with @Kittiwake30 that the moderators on here do a great job and that I'm grateful for their efforts.
Thank you @Kittiwake30 and @AngusM!