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Thread: Blazer for work

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    Blazer for work


    I am looking to purchase a navy blazer. I work in management consulting, so would like something that is not flashy or too fashion-forward. Also, I really like clothes that hold up well -- having to constantly worry about ruining them can get very annoying.

    I was thinking of getting the standard navy blazer from Brooks Brothers. I have a Fitzgerald fit charcoal suit from them and it's good.

    Anyway, I'd like some advice. I would like to buy soon, but can wait a month or so to get a good deal. I would also like to know if any of you have bought a made-to-measure blazer.


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    I have BB's Fitzgerald fit standard navy blazer. It's great. If the fit works for you, get it. Or Suit Supply. Both are around the same price and excellent. Don't go MTM, you have something that works well for you OTR, that's always going to be a better route until you get too picky because you spend all your time on clothing websites and forums

    Edit: And if you're a 38R I have a staple J Crew Ludlow light flannel navy sportcoat that I'm about to list for sale.

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    Another thumbs-up for the Fitz blazer (and the Fitz fit in general) here, bought one last year and get a ton of use out of it. I would consider it to sit on the more formal/suit-like end of the blazer spectrum (worsted, flap pockets), so sounds like it will work well within your professional environment.

    Depending on how long you can wait to purchase, and assuming BB maintains the same sale schedule as last year, in the week or two leading up to Christmas they'll have a one-day blazer & sport coat sale (that's when I ordered mine), and the day after Christmas there's a store-wide/site-wide sale. Discounts for those sales are something like 25-30% off.

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    Some of the Fitzgerald Blazers/Sport Coats are now Full Canvassed which is nice to see. SuitSupply MTM also does full canvassing if you live near one of their stores. Only issue there is you may get a bad fit because some of the SuitSupply Sales Associates go for a tighter fit which end the end could look bad.

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