So I have a pretty difficult time finding cuts of pants with adequate thigh room. I am hoping that this thread can be a resource for those with actual large thighs. Myself, I am 6'4", ~210 lbs and have 26" circumference thighs with a good size booty too. The hard part is that we may have different ideas of what 'good' fit is. I am going for a tailored looking fit without a ton of extra material but where I can still move around and the pants aren't skin tight. I see a lot of people that saying they have large thighs and are wearing slim/skinny fits. YEAH RIGHT! If I tried to wear slim fit I would have to size up a TON in the waist just to get them all the way up. Here is what I currently have in my closet and my comments.

Older (bought ~2012 from outlet) levis 505, 33x34 - fit on these is great, favorite jeans
Newer (bought ~2014 from Macys) levis 505 33x34 - almost skin tight in the thighs, limits movement to sit/squat down. Seat, waist and below the knee all fit great. I wish these fit like the other pair I have, I love the wash. (can jeans be let out?)
GAP Standard fit 33x34 - fit PERFECTwhen I first got them, wore a few times and stretched out significantly, seem to be baggier all around than I remember from first try on. Also, wider around the ankle than I like.

GAP straight fit 33x34 and 34x34: 33's are spot on at the waist but a bit tight on the thighs (skin tight when I sit down), 34's are a bit loose on the waist but a little better in the thighs.
Banana Gavin Fit, 34x34 a bit loose on the waist but they fit great. my favorite chinos.

H&M regular fit 34x34: a bit tight on the thighs, fit well everywhere else.
Banana vintage straight 35x34. Bought these a bit big in the waist to give my thighs some breathing room. They are ok with a belt, maybe i'll get them taken in.

I can try to get some photos of the fits tomorrow night.

What do you guys wear for dressier pants/trousers? I am having a hard time deciding if what I have is good enough or if I need to keep searching for better fits. I am trying to stay away from having to buy for the thighs and tailor the waist AND leg below thigh. One or the other wouldn't be bad.