Hello Guys!

How many of you face a problem that jeans in a shop don't fit you perfectly? I have that problem whole my life - I do sports a lot and my thighs are quite big so it's almost impossible to find a pair that could accommodate my thighs... Standard one-size-fits-all fits none!

So we decided to solve that problem. Last year we've been featured on Dappered so some of you've already known, that we're making mens affordable tailored-to-order selvedge jeans by measurements of a customer. Our cutting system let us cut & tailor pair that will fit great everybody!
If some of our customers are reading that post - please give us some feedback, thanks in advance.

I'd like to share with you guys a discount code to make our jeans even more affordable: DAPPERED10 - the discount is for 10% + free shipping worldwide and it's valid until 19th of October. Please enter it before you start designing your pair in the green space below the web constructor (http://www.orijeans.us/constructor).

What benefits of tailored-to-order jeans will I get?

  • perfect fit guaranteed - we ensure perfect fit of your jeans. If your pair wouldn't fit you perfectly - we'll either fix it free of charge or refund it!!

  • deep customisation - design your jeans yourself with our web constructor, you could choose:
    - cut
    - fabric
    - zipper and pocket options
    - thread and button/rivets colours
    - etc.

  • special requests - you all know that devil is in the details, you could add a special request, here are the most popular request of our customers:
    - a selvedge ID on the coin pocket;
    - reinforced crotch;
    - stitching on a back pocket, example: http://instagram.com/p/p8kiNSBpET/;
    - two colours of an inseam stitching: red and blue;
    - hidden rivets on back pockets;
    - create your own request - we'll do our best to meet your need.

  • high-quality:
    - we use only high-quality materials: Japanese and US raw selvedge denim, zippers and buttons from UK.
    - our cutter and seamstresses are professionals with combined working experience of 94 years
    - one pair is made at a time

Here is a link to our website: http://orijeans.us/

Guys, you are our core audience - we wanted to create a tool for those who appreciates quality and want to look stylish without spending stacks of cash. So please-please-please, let us know what you think about our concept? Every feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot for your attention!
Mike, founder of OriJeans.