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Thread: $219 J Crew Credit

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    $219 J Crew Credit

    Hey guys, I recently made some returns to J Crew and only received store credit. The amounts total up to $219.08 and are spread across 3 cards. I would like to sell them all as a unit before I decide to break them up.

    I'm looking for $200 OBO.

    The easiest method would seem to be for me to receive Paypal payment then provide the card #'s and codes. Exceptions will be made for buyers with strong feedback and alternative suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks guys!

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    This is OBO

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    In order to ensure I don't use the codes before the buyer has a chance to, A member on another site suggested I come up with a better solution. I will now ship all 3 cards instead of simply supplying the codes to the buyer. All cards will come with the code completely covered and unscratched to ensure that I don't have a chance to use the code myself.

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    Price drop to $190 obo

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