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Hi Guys,
I need navy grenadine tie. This will be my goto tie for now. Do you recommend 3.0" or 3.5" (standard)? Also, which brand you guys like, its a very expensive tie.
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https://www.samhober.com/ you will be very happy.
Yes, Sam Hober--you get a custom tie for around the same cost as a high-end ready to wear ties.

I have a Sam Hober tie and I love it--my favorite tie--except I wish I had gone with my instinct instead of David Hober's suggestion on the width. I think the 3.5 inch width is just a tad too wide. My next one will be 3 3/8ths.

And that's one of the great things about a Sam Hober tie--you can get it made exactly to the dimensions you want.

If you haven't had a grenadine tie, be aware that you might need to use a different knot than what you usually use. And that could impact how long you want the tie made. But if you go with a Sam Hober tie, David will explain that when you order one.