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I'm confused by your use of business casual here, but if you're normally wearing a sporcoat for work the topcoat is much easier to dress down to something like an OCBD, lambswool sweater, and dark denim or chinos than the car coat is to dress up. At the most basic level, the dimensions of the topcoat are designed with a jacket of some sort underneath it in mind (shoulders and length in particular), whereas the carcoat isn't and to accommodate it you'd likely have to size up lest you totally wrinkle what you're wearing. And while I've mostly seen this done by Hollywood sorts, you can definitely do a topcoat, t-shirt, jeans, and boots if you have the physique for it (and if the weather somehow makes sense for that).
Thanks. I don't wear sportcoats to work. I am thinking the J Crew University coat is a better call for me