I wear a 32/30 in the Bedford/Slim Bedford, Bowery/Slim Bowery, Sutton, and Urban Slim.

I struggle to find the difference between the Bedford vs Slim Bedford, and likewise for the Bowery vs Slim Bowery. In fact, I've had Bedford pants that actually fit slimmer than some Slim Bedford pants. I think it depends more on the material, and the way that it hangs.

In most cases, I prefer the Bowery/Slim Bowery to the Bedford/Slim Bedford. There is a noticeable difference in quality and feel. Additionally, the Bedford has a weird hang across the hip/crotch area (the last thing anyone wants is a weird crotch). I'm not sure if it is the difference in the rise or if it is cut ever so slightly bigger across the hip/crotch area. With heavier material, like wool or flannel, it is not as noticeable, and I have a couple wool Bedford pants that I actually like. With cotton or chambray, it looks too bunchy, and I would rather get a Bowery. This could also just be that the Bowery uses a thicker, heavier weight cotton so it hangs better.

The Sutton is cut just slightly larger through the thighs than the Urban Slim. I actually prefer this because it eliminates any weird crotch issues or pocket flagging. The material is a bit "cheaper" in the Sutton, but I'm ok with it. Not as heavy in the broken-in chino, and not as light in the summer weight. This actually makes the Sutton summer weight chino my preferred pants out of all of them.