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On the bit loafers, yes, my thoughts are the same as yours, but in a number of places I have read that they are sometimes appropriate, for just one example:

http://www.thefineyounggentleman.com...wear-a-tuxedo/ (see #17).

I did some research on this and it dates back to bit loafers introduced by Gucci as being "the" shoe of high-powered NY lawyers and wall street types in the '70's.

Also, you can get velvet loafers on the cheap if you look around. You will NOT get quality, but most people won't notice. You can get them in two days from Amazon. I recently picked some up from DSW for about $50--but they are for a costume, and I put big purple tassels on them--so, not recommending them, just saying you can them cheap if you like.

As for me, I have patent leather tux loafers, with a ribbon across the vamp--they are pretty common at the black tie events I go to in LA, but even more people wear black oxfords, believe it or not (maybe thrice a year).

Also, one more option is a black whole cut, highly polished. I think they can look very formal.
Guess it's good I'm a NY lawyer then!

Agree on the above, except quoting that website. Guy sounds like a complete a-hole, and is self-contradictory on many occasions on his list (will admit some of his list is spot on though). He's also hawking Lilly Pulitzer suspenders on his site... so not sure I'd call him a beacon of pure tradition despite how he's trying to come off in his list.

Patent tux / velvet loafers (sans any gaudy logos or designs) will work for just about any use of a tuxedo that 99.999% of the world goes to. Someone making a big deal out of one wearing those--or frankly even well polished cap toe or whole cuts--is just unnecessarily being a dick.