Hello, I'm new to this forum, so I hope I'm following procedure... I'm in the market for a new suit and currently debating between a couple.

First, some details:
I'm 22 and don't have have too many occasions to wear a suit. That said, this is likely the only suit I'll own for the next decade. I'm just looking for something classic that I can wear for a wide variety of formal occasions. My budget is in the $250-500 range. I'm probably a 38L or 39L slim (or extra slim) fit.

I think it's pretty much down to these two... (although if you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears.)

(Note that the pants in all photos are my current pants—not the ones that come with the suit.)

Option 1
Store: Men's Warehouse
Brand: Joseph Abboud
Material: 100% wool
Price: $480


Close up:

Option 2
Store: Macy's
Brand: Bar III
Material: 100% wool
Price: $300

Buttoned (This is navy, but that's just because it was the only 38L they had in stock. I'd be getting this size but in the dark charcoal color below.)

Close up (this is the right color, just the wrong size):

My thoughts:

1. I think the Abboud looks a bit crisper/sleaker while the Bar III might be a bit puffy.

2. One thing I like about the Bar III is that, because these are both pretty snug fits, if I were to bulk up much in the next decade, they might not fit any more (i.e. $300 might be a wiser investment).

3. I'm on the border between a 38 and 40, but I'm wearing a 38 in these pics. It's maybe a bit snug, but probably fine.

4. Everyone sales guy has said I'm a long (that's the size I'm wearing in these pics), but I've been told by a friend to ditch the long and go with a regular. I feel like the suit/sleeve lengths both look pretty good, though, no?

Anyways, I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks!