Spawning off a conversation in another thread where Yoyorobbo said he went 90 days with only making a $3 purchase, my goal is to make it 90 days without spending a dime on clothing/shoes/etc purchases. This will be tough for me but I think I can handle it. For anyone else that wants to join in - There are no loopholes. Previous purchases or preorders don't count but there are no more (sartorial related) purchases of any kind from this moment on that would require me to pay for it in any way, shape or form. Can't use a credit card or paypal. Can't sell something on Ebay and then use that money to buy another whatever. Can't justify it by saying I 'needed' it.

90 days from today is the 4th of July so there will be a celebration with fireworks galore for anyone that can make it 90 days without spending a dime.