This is mostly just a thought exercise, but it would be interesting to see other people's ideas. I'll soon be tearing out our existing master closet and starting over. It's not huge (5.5 x 10), and I'll be sharing it with my wife - probably at about 60/40 with me getting the 40. The primary goal is to squeeze every ounce of usable space out of the closet. We'll definitely have built-in drawers in addition to the typical shelves and rods.

Outside of that, though, here's my practical wish list:

1.) valet rod
2.) pull-out tie rack
3.) stool or bench
4.) hooks for hats/belts/etc.

Things that I know won't fit, but I would have liked:

1.) full-sized valet
2.) shine butler

If you could add anything you wanted into a custom closet, what would you add?