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Thread: Forget, head to your local Penney's! $30 Harris Tweed Jackets and more!

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    Forget, head to your local Penney's! $30 Harris Tweed Jackets and more!

    Hi, I don't post in the forums much, so pardon me if this belongs somewhere else, but I just had to share this.

    I just got back from my local JC Penney's here in the Portland area. I was lucky to make it out alive. We all know the deals on already reasonably priced Ron Johnson closeout stuff, but this is ridiculous! I talked to a sales associate, and she said it was mostly because they were getting rid of those lines, but also because traffic is down (retail is hurting in general) and Portland is not a very formal town (more deals for me!). So I have no idea if this is true in your local JCP, but here in Portland I bought:

    • $29.99 for a Harris Tweed sport coat. I already bought the herringbone one last fall for $128, so I gladly picked up the other one. Still $99 online.
    • $29.99 for another odd sport jacket, 100% wool and the fit was pretty good for JCP. Wasn't even a slim.
    • $19.99 for a pair of 100% wool suit pants. (something that seems to be hard to find in the modern department store. Srsly, do people buy all these poly pants?) Unfortunately, they didn't have the jacket in my size, otherwise I would have had a decent, nice fitting wools suit for $50! Pants are half lined.

    Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as the case may be) they were closing, so I had to head home. I was going to try on some of their tuxedo separates, which were priced below a $100. I'm not sure I would have bought any, as the quality looked poor, but if the fit is right, it might not be bad to have in the closet JIK. Other things that caught my eye were the camelhair sport coat for $60, and the hopsack blazers in the slim fit (I think) at the same price. I also bought a cotton seersucker suit for $100 online.

    OK, well I don't normally gush about JCP, but hope you guys have some similar luck. I'm curious if it is just my store, or something bigger. I've also noticed very little traffic in retails stores lately, and last Saturday GAP had a 40% off sale, no restrictions, which I was able to piggy back an extra 10% (customer appreciation?) and extra 15% (new card account) on top of.


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    I got a tuxedo Shawl collar the JF ferrar one for $68.

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