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If you don't like a thread, there's this amazing little tip I can give you: Don't read it.

Jokes aside, I agree with Greg. Too often consolidated "get help here" threads become cluttered. For instance, I've seen variations on this situation happen all too often:

1. Person 1 asks question 1.
2. Person 2 responds to question 1.
3. P1 asks P2 for clarification on Q1.
4. P3 asks Q2.
5. P4 asks Q3.
6. P5 responds to Q2 and Q3.
7. P4 responds to P4 about Q3.
8. P1 pipes in: "Hello, P2? Can you answer me?"

Et cetera. However, with the recent addition of mentions, these results may be mitigated. Also, if everyone becomes sick of seeing the same threads over and over again, it may lead to threads going completely unanswered. That can be frustrating as a new poster and may lead to fewer new members, although the constant influx of first-time posters doesn't really support my hypothesis.