Living Social is having a deal for $50 and $100 Charles Tyrwhitt store credit for $25 and $50, respectively. Additionally, try the code 20SAVINGS which gives an extra 20% off, meaning you pay $20 and $40.

The fine print:
-You have to buy through a special website. There doesn't seem to be any difference in price between this site and the normal site so it may just be an IT thing.
-You have to use the store credit at one time.
-There is a $9.95 flat rate shipping fee on all orders.

If you get the $100 store credit you may want to use it on:
-2 shirts, if you don't want to do the normal 4/$179-199 deal. You should be able to get for $40-45/shirt.
-Shoes. They have some decent Goodyear Welted shoes costing $199 normally. With the coupon your net cost is $150.
-Clearance suits: The best deal is their travel suits which are half canvassed. You can grab one for a net cost of $310.